Margaux’s felt hair clips Pattern

20 Apr

Felt hair barrettes American Felt and Craft

These could not be easier here is your list of supplies obviously you can use whatever colors or patterns you like but here’s what I used.

Felt Colors– I used wool blend felt in: Sunshine, White, Firefly,  Toffee,  Bubble Gum,  Forget me not , Pink Tutu,  Almond Creme,  and Honeydew- all available on our site

Cross Stitch Thread– Pink, Hot pink, Tan, Dark Brown, Creme, Turquoise, and White.

Various Ribbons

6 alligator hair clips  also available on our site

Hot glue gun

clipproject templatet

These are pretty close to actual size.

Using your hot glue gun glue your ribbon or felt to the hair clips tucking in on the crease so that it has room to move, and making sure to tuck the ends of the ribbon under at the raw edges and gluing them down so that ribbon won’t fray. You can also use felt to cover the clip as I did in the lollipop clip you won’t need to tuck the ends if it is done this way, and it will help to hold fine hair in clip.

cakeclipClip 1 Layer Cake: cut 2 L pieces from Sunshine felt, 1 piece cake top and cake bottom, H & I. Position top and bottom of cake on one of the felt rounds and stitch into place using 2 threads white cross stitching thread. Once pieces are in place sew cake swag (the little U shapes) using turquoise thread and finish where swag meets with hot pink french knots.  Sew rounds together so that your threads underneath the cake don’t show. Hot glue your round to coordinating ribbon or felt  lined clip.


Clip 2 Chocolate Chip Cookies: cut 2 L pieces from Firefly felt, cut 1 piece of each cookie,  J & K out of  Toffee felt. Position on one of the felt rounds placing littler cookie slightly over the larger one. Using dark brown cross stitch thread sew random chocolate pieces onto cookies.  Put rounds together so threads don’t show and sew around perimeter. Attach to your ribbon or felt lined clip.

lollypop hair clip American felt and craft

Clip 3 Lollipop: Cut 2 L pieces from White felt, cut 1 lollipop piece, E from Bubble Gum felt. Using 3 strands of hot pink cross stitching thread sew lollipop into place by making circular swirl inside and around outside edge, sew lollipop stick using 3 strands of creme colored cross stitching thread. Proceed as described above.


cottoncandyclip American felt and craftClip 4 Cotton Candy:Cut 2 pieces of L  from Forget me not felt. Cut 1 paper cone, G from White and Cotton candy, F from Bubble Gum. Place cone down on felt round and sew large diagonal stitches across it with 3 strands of turquoise cross stitching thread. Place cotton candy on top of cone over lapping cone base so purple felt doesn’t show through, stitch around the outside of the cotton candy with 2 strands of pink cross stitching thread. Combine felt rounds and sew around the perimeter with same pink thread. Glue into place on hair clip.

cupcakeclip AmericanFeltandCraft.comClip 5 Cupcake:  Cut 2 felt rounds, L from Pink Tutu felt. Cut 1 cupcake bottom D from Almond Creme and one cupcake top,C from White.  Place cupcake bottom onto one of the felt rounds, sew large stitches along base with 3 strands of creme cross stitching thread to simulate ridges. Place cupcake top over cupcake bottom overlapping so that background doesn’t show through, stitch sprinkles onto cupcake using 3 strands of pink cross stitching thread, this will hold it in place. Embroider cherry on top with same pink threads. Using 3 strands of dark brown cross stitch thread make cherry stem.

icecreamclipAmericanfeltandcraft.comClip 6 Mint Chocolate Ice Cream Cone:Cut 2 felt rounds, L from White felt, Cut cone piece B, from Toffee and Ice cream A from Honey Dew felt. Place cone onto 1 of the felt rounds and create one set of diagonal lines across cone exactly like we did for the cotton candy cone, using 3 strands of  tan cross stitch thread, now stitch across diagonally in opposite direction. Place ice cream on cone overlapping so that background doesn’t show through. Stitch chocolate chips into place using dark brown cross stitching thread. Embroider cherry on top using 3 strands of pink thread, top with stem using 3 strands of dark brown embroidery thread. Place rounds together and stitch around the perimeter using 3 strands pink cross stitch thread. Glue onto ribbon or felt covered clip.

That’s all there is to it, I would love to see pictures of what you do!

Happy Crafting- Andie

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  1. ginger August 4, 2009 at 9:03 am #

    These are awesome,Sweet as gifts and going back to school.

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