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Can She Bake a Cherry Pie? – Free Felt Food Tutorial Cherry Pie

Well I don’t know about her, but you sure can!

This is the best kind of baking the calorie free, last forever kind.

Spend an afternoon making one and a lifetime enjoying it.

Here’s what I used.

6 pie foam slices

3 sheets of wool blend felt in Lipstick

3 sheets of wool blend felt in Toffee

Red Thread

Tan thread

Felt glue

Sewing needle

18 wool felt balls in Cherry on Top.

Most of these items are currently available at American Felt and

This pattern will make 6 felt pie slices.

 The templates  and directions to make these are here: Cherry Pie

Have fun making your felt pie, and send me a picture!

– Happy Crafting


Need be further seduced by their cuteness?

Please make and enjoy these cherry pies to your hearts content but remember this pattern is for personal use only.

Looking for more pie goodness? Try out free pattern and tutorial for a delicious looking felt lemon meringue pie.

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