In Praise of Pink

9 Mar

Pink seems to be one of those colors people love or hate. I fall firmly into loving pink category so you can imagine how shocked I was to learn that it doesn’t exist. That’s right according to physics pink does not exist. …well pink light anyway. Say What?

Can’t argue with physics right…

Although I am only on step 4 of the 7 stages of grief I thought I would share some of American Felt and Craft’s “hidden gradurure” colored felt in praise of pink!

Wool Felt in pinks

Pink Wool Felt Sheets

Wool Blend felt in Sweet Pea, Bubblegum, Pink Amaranth, Flamingo, Hot Pink and Orchid from American Felt and Craft.

Pink Felt Sheets in Sweet Pea, Pink Tutu, Apricot, and Bubblegum from American Felt and Craft

Pink Wool Felt from American Felt and Craft

Felt sheets in Hot Pink, Orchid, Pink Tutu, Antique Pink, Flamingo, Sweet Pea, Paris Pink, Bubblegum and Pink Amaranth.

Pink Wool Felt Sheets from American Felt and Craft

pink wool blend felt sheets


I feel better about this whole situation.


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