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Spring Petits Fours – Tea Party Cakes Felt Food for beginners

Easy Felt Food Petits Four (Tea party cake) tutorial and pattern.

Felt food is so much fun to make and is a wonderful imaginative toy for children.

If you’re intrested in felt food making here’s a simple beginner friendly felt food tutorial to get you started.

Spring Petits Fours

You will need:

Felt Felt in colors of your choosing 5″ x 7″ per Petit Four

Sunshine, Sparrow, Honeydew, Pink Tutu, White, and Apricot

Ric Rack

Chocolate, Petal Pink, Hot Pink, White, Orange and Yellow

Felt glue

Coordinating thread

Begin by cutting one of each of the templates per Petit Four

Attach Ric Rac to the top of each tea cake as desired with felt glue or sew into place.

Pinch corners together and overcast stitch up the sides to make a box shape.

Flip over and overcast stitch bottom into place.

Ta Da!

Here it is faster

See super easy! 

Happy Crafting! 

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