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Hipster Christmas Tree and Felt Ornament Recap

Anatomy of a Hipster Christmas Tree

As Hipster Week winds to a close lets take a look back at all the ornaments and the completed tree shall we?

I think we shall.

Above you will find the quintessential Hipster Christmas Tree with all its trappings.

Here’s what you will need to make your own .

You will need:

1 Sparkly fedora and vintage scarf preferably thrifted.

3  Felt Record Ornaments

4- Mo’vember Mustache Ornaments

1 Felt Instagram Ornament

2- Felt Vintage Frames

3- Ugly Felt Sweater Ornaments

And a Sad looking Christmas Tree (ours is 4ft)

Check out Hipster X-Mas for more hipster holiday goodness…

Join us all next week for another entire week of felt ornament tutorials!

Next week is “Domestic Bliss week” grab your prettiest apron and pearls and meet me here Monday!

Happy Crafting~


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