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Felt Friday – Bamboo Felt Edition

Bamboo felt is the softest felt available - American Felt and Craft

 Bamboo felt is made from bamboo rayon and a standard rayon blend making it the softest felt available. We just added a big selection of bamboo felt fabric available by the quarter yard to our online shop American Felt and Craft.

The fibers in bamboo felt capture color and reflect light in a way no other felt does so  grab a cup of coffee and join me on a walk through the bamboo felt forest won’t you…

Black Pearl Bamboo Felt Fabric

First on our trek Black Pearl bamboo felt a light charcoal black with a velvety feel and  smooth drape.

While typical wool blend felt absorbs light bamboo rayon blend subtly reflects it for a truly unique finish.

Up next Coral Reef a deep ruddy orange bamboo felt  just shy of terra cotta.

Right around the color we have a sweet bold lilac shade.

Island Orchid is a vibrant pale lavender bamboo felt with a satiny finish.

The biggest difference in bamboo felt vs wool or wool blend felt is that bamboo felt  is much more plush , has a soft pearly sheen and a more delicate drape. It can be used the way you would any other felt.

Lemon yellow bamboo felt is vibrant, dynamic and drapes like a dream.

Made from bamboo rayon fibers bamboo felt is a great vegan felt option for those with wool allergies.

Macaw Red Bamboo felt definitely has a coral pink sheen to it, a truly beautiful felt.

The fibers in bamboo make for a kaleidoscope of felt colors that are particularly lush and vibrant!

Moon shadow bamboo felt is a dusty off white with a pale gray undertone and a subtle sheen.

Like all felts bamboo felt won’t fray so every last scrap can be used.

My new favorite is this soft aqua bamboo felt fabric.

Ocean Breeze is a vivid and silky bright blue felt.

Papaya  is a strong firey orange bamboo felt made from vegan fibers.

Bamboo felt has a soft and luxurious feel.

Pirate Cove is a bright spring green bamboo felt fabric.

Bamboo felt is 100% natural and made from sustainable fibers.

Next on our tour is Pina Colada a bright truely white bamboo felt.

Bamboo felt cuts and handles beautifully.

Sand Dollar is a lovely pale beige neutral felt perfect for a variety of DIY craft projects.

Soft AND Strong bamboo felt is sure to last. is  Available by the quarter yard.

And last but not least is Seashell Pink a delicate sugary pink bamboo felt.

Stop into our shop and check out our new bamboo felt friends.

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