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Felt Leaf Place-card settings.

Fall placecards

Gather all the leaves of your family tree together this fall with fall leaf place settings. These easy DIY felt leaves will last the test of time and make a beautiful and timeless addition to any table setting. Best of all they sew up quick and easy.

You will need:

Felt scraps I used, Mustard Seed, Poinsettia, Tangerine, Chocolate, Autumn Leaves, Fresh Cut Grass and Hot Chocolate. You will need enough of each color to cut two matching shapes. Check the leaf template below. *

Scraps of clear vinyl

Names printed out- I used font called Perfume Classic at 36 point but you can customize the font and size to work with your style.

*Matching Thread

How to make leaf place settings:

Cut two of each leaf shape for each name card. Carefully cut a rectangle from the center of one of the leaves. Check to make sure the name will fit.

Place a larger scrap of vinyl over the rectangle and sew into place using a running stitch.

Cut away extra vinyl.

Place leaf sides together and sew along the edges with a running stitch and matching thread.

Slip name into rectangle before closing.

That’s all you need to whip up a big batch of felt foliage for your fall table.

Leaf template:

Happy Crafting!


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