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Just a Phase- Glow in the dark felt moon ornament.

Glow in the dark felt moonBring the wonders of the universe to your Christmas tree this year! This glow in the dark felt moon ornament shines with it’s own light thanks to glow in the dark felt.

You will need:

Glow felt*

Black felt*

4″ string or ribbon for hanging

*matching thread


One large circle shape from glow in the dark felt and one from black felt, cut out details from glow felt and dark shapes from black felt. You can freehand the smaller shapes for tips on cutting small or difficult shapes from felt see THIS POST.

Sew details to glow in the dark felt circle as shown.

Stitch the moon shape and details onto black circle. Stitch mouth and stitch down eye.

Stack front and back pieces together and overcast stitch around the outside of the circles. Place ribbon between the two pieces and stitch completely. For tips on stitches see This Post

Hang and enjoy your new felt moon ornament!

Happy Crafting


Moon Ornament Template

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