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Glow in the dark felt jellyfish

glow in the dark jellyfish tutorial freeIt’s easy to sew up some glow in the dark “floating” jellyfish. These little jellies would look adorable hanging from a mobile, swimming in the playroom or even hanging from a Christmas tree.But when the lights go out the real magic happens. Crafting these DIY felt jellyfish from glow in the dark felt means that once these guys get a good charge from either natural or artificial light they will glow softly. All that cute and no sting!

Read on to learn how to craft up a sea full of jellyfish buddies.

You will need:

Glow in the dark felt, I used pink, green and blue *

Embroidery thread in white and black

Sequins: I used Highlighter, Pinkalicious, and Seafoam

1 yard cording I used White teething cord 

4- 8″ ribbon(s) I used gold and another coordinating color


*Matching thread



One jellyfish body base and ruffle from glow in the dark felt.

Match up sides of small V shapes at the base of your jelly fish and overcast sew them together. Repeat with all small V’s

Repeat with the larger V shapes stitching up the sides last.

Turn the shape so it is inside out.

Stuff and overcast stitch the base to the jelly fish body with an overcast stitch and matching thread.

Run a loose stitch up the ruffle and pull until it measures 5.5″ long 

Overcast stitch the ruffle along the base of the jellyfish body

Stitch face details with black cross stitch thread. Add freckles at the cheeks and on random parts of the body with french knots and white thread. Create a loop at the top to hang with the white thread. Hide the knots under the ruffle at the base. Add sequins, for tips on attaching sequins see this postSet aside.

Loop cording in different size loops and tie with ribbon(s). Trim loops so cording hangs at different lengths. Hold top together and loop cording around the top and tie to create a tassel for the base. Wrap the hanging cording around your finger to shape. Stitch through and around tassel and into the base of the felt jellyfish body.


Happy Crafting


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