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DIY Felt seashell- pattern toy & ornament

felt seashell pattern DIYI just adore how these sweet little seashells came out. I envisioned them as a felt seashell Christmas tree ornament but they are so cute I was soon envisioning hair accessories, an ocean themed mobile or even a soft sea side wreath.

You will need:


4″ x 6″ White felt scrap* White

Felt scrap or stuffing

White Sequins Snow White 

Thread in off white

Felt Seashell Pattern: shell PDF

*matching thread


2 shells, 1 base from white felt.

Sew long stitches in off white thread along one of the shell sides as shown on the pattern. Sew down a few sequins.  Repeat with other shell shape if desired.

Place base between the decorated pieces.Add felt scrap filling or stuffing. Overcast stitch around the edges with matching white thread switching to a running stitch for the base areas.

Sew a loop onto the center of the base to hang if you are making your felt seashell into a Christmas ornament.

Happy Crafting


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