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Glowing Fairy Jar Nightlight

18 Aug

glowfairy2This adorable fairy in a jar nightlight is no power, super soft and totally portable. Since the fairy is there completely as a friend and is free to leave at any time there is no lid on this glowing bedside jar of magic. This project is surprisingly easy and fast to put together. The toughest part is the cutting the fairy details. For a full rundown on the easiest way to cut felt shapes check out this post: Felt Lab – 5 cutting methods tested or this one: How to cut small or detailed shapes from felt. 

You will need:

Glo Felt– Large Size*

3″ x 4″ scrap black felt*


Cord or string for handle around 11″ -12″ long

Fairy Nightlight template at the end of post

Beans, rice, peas or stuffing pellets to add a tiny bit of weight (optional)

*Matching thread


Cut glow felt on fold to form one long rectangle, and one top and one bottom from glow felt

Cut 1 fairy from black felt for more on this see Felt Lab- Difficult Shapes.

1Sew fairy to the center of the cut out jar, be sure to place her near the bottom so you have enough room to make the jar top ridges.

2Turn piece so fairy faces inward and overlapping the short end sides of the jar sew down with a running stitch. 3

  Sew bottom to bottom (where the fairy’s feet are) 4Turn inside out so the bottom looks rounded and fairy is now showing.

5Fold down top 1″ and around the top with a running stitch. 6Unfold and fold remaining area in half again. Sew down with a running stitch as you did above. 7Unfold and add stuffing. If you want to add stuffing beads  to insure it always stays upright if put a small amount in before adding the stuffing. It won’t take much. Stitch top to jar with an overcast stitch.

Knot each end of the cord and sew to opposite sides. with matching thread.

glow fairyPlace in a window sill to charge. 8Enjoy the magical glow. 9

Felt Fairy Jar Template:


Happy Crafting!



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Felt tooth fairy pillow tutorial roundup.

30 Sep

Felt tooth fairy pillow tutorial roundup.

My daughter’s tooth has been lost and another wiggly one is right behind it and I somehow managed to recover from my wisdom tooth extraction without any further complications…ok one…I seemed to have formed an addiction to “Dance Moms” on Lifetime…is it my fault they had a marathon?!?

Anyway I thought what better way to celebrate (teeth not Dance Moms) than with more felt tooth fairy pillow awesomeness!  Just click on the picture to visit each site.


Felt Tooth Fairy Bag tutorial from Purl Bee

Tooth officer, tooth marshal, and frankentooth available on ETSY from mmm crafts.

Free ballerina tooth fairy felt pillow tutorial also from mmmcrafts.

Felt Tooth Fairy Pillow Magic Wand   $19 by Kata Golda

Magic Wand (Tooth Fairy Pillow) $19 by Kata Golda

Tooth Fairy Monster Because not all fairies are pink and sparkly via the long thread

Russian doll tooth fairy pillow

Matryoshka Felt Tooth Fairy Pillow tutorial from Dragon and Phoenix!

Happy crafting and don’t forget to brush!


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