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Lizzie Borden Baby Rattle

1 Apr

Lizzie Borden- Baby Rattle Tutorial Pattern

Lizzie Borden Baby Rattle Tutorial

Help your favorite little one remind their parents who’s really in charge with this killer baby shower gift!

You will need

*Red felt (Lipstick)

*Grey Felt (Grey Flannel)

*Beige Felt (Toffee)


Rattle Insert

*Matching thread

 Template (at the bottom of post)

To make the wood grain on my felt I used a stenciling technique I’ll be posting about later this week.

Begin by cutting  2 axe head pieces from grey felt, 2 bloody edges from red felt, and 2 axe handles and one axe base from beige colored felt.

Stitch bloody edge to each side of the axe head.

Be sure to attach in mirror opposites so that they come together correctly.axe head

Baby Rattle Axe tutorial

Attach each axe head to an axe handle using a running stitch and matching thread

Place axe heads together and overcast stitch the sides together using beige thread.

(click here for more on these stitches)

Leave bottom of Axe open, over cast stitch up the other side.

Connect axe heads with matching thread and an overcast stitch along the outside.

Leaving top open.


Add rattle insert to axe head –  lightly stuff and stitch axe head closed.

Baby rattle tutorial

Stuff axe handle until it is stiff and attach rounded bottom with an over cast stitch.

And there you have it…

Lizzie Borden Baby Rattle Tutorial

Happy April Fools Day

Did you have your heart set on a killer baby shower gift?

With a few tweaks Lizzie’s rattle easily becomes a fireman’s Axe.

Fireman's Axe Rattle Tutorial

You will need:

*Red felt (Lipstick)

*White felt (White)

*Yellow felt (Lemon Meringue)

*Beige felt (Toffee)


Rattle Insert

*Matching thread

 Template (at the bottom of post)

To make the wood grain on my felt I used a stenciling technique I’ll be posting about later this week.

Begin by cutting  2 yellow fireman’s symbols, 2 axe head pieces from red felt, 2 axe edges and backs from white felt, and 2 axe handles and one axe base from beige colored felt.

Attach White accents and fireman symbol to each axe head in mirroring directions.

Felt Fireman's axe

Assemble as outlined above.

Fireman's Axe Baby Rattle Tutorial

I hope you enjoyed this felt baby rattle tutorial.

 Happy Crafting!  – Andie

DIY rattle templates for Axe baby rattle

Online felt supply 140+ colors, wool, wool blend and bamboo felts

25 days of Felt Christmas Crafts Day 19: Gingerbread Man Rattle

17 Dec

Felt crafts for Christmas

Unleash your inner elf this year and whip up one of these sweeter than sugar felt baby rattles. I love how he looks a little nibbled, who could resist! These easy to make felt baby rattles were created by Victoria of vixenMade.  LOVE IT!

You will need:

Go see the rattle tutorial at Between U & Me
All Pictures via Between U & ME
Mud Puddle, Lipstick, Four Leaf Clover, White, Black
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*A lot of you have asked about where you can find crinkle plastic used in baby toys. I am working on tracking down the real baby safe stuff, I’ll let you know when I find a supplier!

Felt Mouse Tutorial

21 Jul
Felt mouse stuffie

A magical felt mouse tutorial *amount of magic may vary.

When in the course of a royal girlhood many would- be -Cinderella’s  may find themselves  in need of  mousy assistance.  Fear not, this situation is easily remedied with the most magically of all fabrics…felt.

With the addition of some cat nip, a jingle ball, squeaker, or toy rattle insert, you can magically transform your cat’s day too!

For this project you will need

1 9x 12 sheet of felt in mouse color of choice I used Buttercream, Peacock, and Flamingo.

(scraps of felt may be used for the tail and ears from a contrasting color)

Matching thread

(Optional details: Small black eye shaped beads, cross stitching thread for whiskers, small button for nose.

Scraps of felt can also be used if your mouse is going to be used as a pet toy and safety is a concern)



Basic sewing supplies

(optional fillers: Medium Squeaker, Rattle maker insert, Jingle Ball, Catnip)

How to make a felt mouse:

making mouse stuffed animal

Cut out pieces as directed on template and set aside, fold tail piece over onto itself and overcast stitch to opposing side, this can be a bit tricky at first. Set aside when complete.

felt mouse cat toy how to

Create the mouse’s ears by folding ear template and overcast stitching the slit area closed with matching thread.  Set ears aside.

mouse felt toy

Place both sides of the mouse body together and stitch along top with a running stitch and matching thread.

Felt mouse diy pet toyAttach tail to the back of the mouse body (the rounded end) while it is still inside out.

felt mouse stuffed toy tutorial

Turn right side out stuff lightly add noisemaker if desired and attach bottom of mouse using coordinating thread and an overcast stitch.

Attach bottom of pet toy

If your concerned about your mouse being a bit off center cut a second mouse bottom from thin cardstock and slip in place between the stuffing and felt bottom before overcast stitching closed.

felt mouse tutorial free

Attach ears to the mouse side, knots can stitches can be easily hidden behind the ears.

attach mouse eyes and nose felt craftAttach eyes to the felt mouse by moving needle through the mouse face entering from behind the ears, after eyes are securely attached the needle should be brought through the face and out through the tip of the nose, attach button nose and hide knot under the button.

craft felt mouse toy diy tutorial blogAttach a few whiskers to your mouse, here I used 4 strand cross stitching thread, it was a little too thick for the look I wanted.

felt mouse whiskers how to

Here I used multiple layers of standard thread. To attach I went into one side and created a knot to hold the whiskers to the length I wanted and pulled through once through I created a knot on the other end to hold it into place and trimmed off any excess thread. This will create a knot on the face but is by far the most secure way of attaching the whiskers.

If you decide not to use the eye beads and button nose simply cut out these pieces from scrap felt and sew into place.

Felt mice free blog tutorial

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