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Sewing or Gluing Sequins To Felt- A Refresher

8 Dec

How to sew sequins to felt

Do you love sequins?    Do you love felt?     Boy I know I do!

Combine the two and double up on the awesome!

Here’s how to sew down sequins.

Rows of Sequins:

sew sequins to felt

Sequins: Hot Pink from American Felt and Craft

To sew down rows of sequins start by coming up the back of your piece with your threaded needle.

sewing down sequins how to

Slide your sequin down the thread.

tutorial for sewing sequins to felt

Move needle behind your sequin.

How to sew sequins onto felt ornaments

Push needle through and come up one space in front of the sequin you just placed down.

sew sequins to felt

Pull the needle through and thread the next sequin repeating the process.

Sewing down single sequins or sequins that are spaced further apart is also very easy.

How to sew down a single sequin

Come up through the bottom of your piece. Slide sequin down thread.

Create a small stitch to hold half the sequin, repeat on the other side. These two stitches are enough to secure the sequin but without another sequin behind and in front of it like the ones above the sequin is more likely to catch on items. You can also hold it down with an even four stitches but keep in mind  the more thread you use the less sparkle.

While we’re on the subject there is a right way and a wrong way to secure sequins to felt using felt glue.

Tips for using felt glue

Sequins: Grape Soda from American Felt and Craft

Felt is made up of small bits of fibers all tangled together. If you press the glue into the fibers it becomes trapped inside the fibers making the piece stiff but failing to properly secure the sequin to you piece for the long haul. If you press into the felt piece when gluing the sequins the bond will be stiff and brittle and the pieces are more likely to pop off.

How to glue sequins to felt

Instead float the sequin on a thin pillow of felt glue as the moisture evaporates the sequin will become more even with the felt and the glue will dry clearly.

properly glued felt piece

When your sequin dries it should look like this.

Happy Crafting!


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Glue Gun of Glory DIY Christmas Tree Topper – Domestic Bliss Week

6 Dec

So how do you top off a Domestic Bliss tree?

glue gun Christmas tree topper tutorial With the holy grail of all craft supplies!

Of course I am talking about…the glue gun!

Ahh but not just any glue gun…no this is the glue gun of glory!

DIY Christmas Tree Topper Tutorial

You will need:

1 Paper Mache Cone. This one is 7″ x 3″ but I cut it down to around 5″

Paper or fabric to wrap cone

Hot glue gun and glue for gluing with

Mini Glue Gun to sacrifice in the name of crafting greatness

Mini Glue Stick

Ribbon about 6″


I used Opaque Crystal and Baby Pink

Try the cone on your tree and mark where you would like to trim down if desired.

Since my office tree is only 4ft I needed to make the cone a little shorter.

On the back side of your fabric or paper roll and mark out your cone shape.

Trim down cone after tracing outline onto paper.

You will want your paper to be longer than the base of the cone so you can neatly tuck in the ends.

Wrapping Paper Mache Cone

Glue fabric or paper onto cone with hot glue and cut slits into the overhanging end.

Fold slits down and glue to hold.

Set covered cone aside.

Using hot glue gun add sequins to mini glue gun in rows.

Glue Gun Sequins

Don’t cover the back of the handle until after you glue the decorated mini glue gun onto the cone.

American Felt and Craft The Blog Glue Gun Tree Topper

Wrap cord around your cone and hot glue into desired shape.

DIY Hot Glue Gun Tree Topper

Wrap mini glue gun stick with ribbon and secure with a small dot of hot glue. Carefully slide decorated glue stick into decorated glue gun.

Hot Glue Gun Tree Topper Tutorial

Mini Glue Gun Christmas Tree Topper Tutorial

Join us tomorrow to ooh and ahh over our textile celebration of domestic awesomeness.

(translation: I’m going to show pictures of the tree all put together)

Happy Crafting~


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DIY Felt Christmas Ornaments – Vintage Vinyl -Hipster Week

30 Nov

American Felt and Craft Free Record Ornaments  Tutorial

Vinyl just sounds better…or so I hear. I can hardly find my music on my phone without the added stress of record needles and multiple speed options. Bring the joy of vintage vinyl to this year’s tree with these easy felt Christmas ornaments.

You will need:

TEMPLATE (at the end of this post)

9″ x 12″   – sheet of  Black felt

1″ scrap of reddish felt – Poppy

1″ scrap  White felt

1″ scrap deep green felt – Cilantro

Matching Thread

12″ Ribbon for hanging (4″ per record)

Sequins in


Silver Streak

Felt Glue (Optional)


Cut out 6 large circles from black felt and 1 each of  smaller circle from Poppy, Cilantro, and White felt.

Felt Record Ornament DIY tutorial step 1

Attach Crystal colored sequin to the center of the smaller circle. Place the smaller circle onto the larger on and glue or sew into place using an overcast or running stitch and matching thread.

Free Christmas Ornament Pattern Felt Records

Attach Silver Streak sequins to both sides of 1 of the black circles as marked on the template using felt glue or matching thread.

DIY felt Christmas ornament free pattern - records - Hipster Week

Loop ribbon over and attach to undecorated felt circle. Overcast stitch both record pieces together.

Hipster Week Felt Vinyl Record Ornament Tutorial

Sit back and jam out the sweet sweet sounds of a completed felt ornament.

Repeat with remaining felt pieces and colors.

Vintage Vinyl Felt Record Tutorial - Felt Chirstmas Ornaments Hipster Week

record template for felt ornament

Tune in tomorrow for pics of the completed Hipster Tree...you know you want to!

Felt camera ornament tutorial

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