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Magic Snow Globe Ornaments

21 Aug

20992829_10214172424048255_1162762613862058965_nRemember these snow globe Christmas ornaments from back in the day? I thought it would be fun to revisit them with a slightly more fabulous feel. I swapped out the traditional Christmas themes with some magical inspiration, traded the stuffing beads for sequins and jazzed up the bases with some glitter fabric. I love the way these turned out simple, sweet and full of magic. There is enough space on the base of the ornament to add year or a name to personalize the gift. If you decide to take on this idea this year please share pics I would love to see!


You will need:

Felt remnants/scraps in:

Pale Yellow – Buttercream (Swan Globe)*

Water color- Aqua (Swan pond)

Black (Swan eyes)

White (Unicorn, Swans)

Purple- Amethyst Purple (Unicorn Globe) *

Pale Green-  Honeydew (Grass)

Orange – Satsuma Orange (Phoenix body)

Pale Blue – Sparrow (Phoenix Globe, Unicorn hair) *

Coral – Crushed Coral (Phoenix details)

Yellow- Lemon Meringue (Phoenix details)

Gold glitter non woven fabric

Felt Glue

Sequins (Coral, Red, Crystal, Snow White, Flower Garden)

Clear Vinyl  1/8 yard

Yellow, Brown, Coral and Red embroidery threads

Template (at bottom of post)

Rick Rack or Ribbon for hanging

* Matching Thread

Felt Ornament Tutorials 


Swan Snow Globe

Cut one swan couple and one of each set of wings from white felt, one of each beak from black felt, one pond shape from aqua felt and two globe shapes from the pale yellow, one base, one of each crown from glitter felt and two 4″ lengths of ribbon to hang. 5″ square of vinyl.

20953701_10214172426008304_3104503687445000012_nAttach swans, wings, beaks and pond water to one of the snow globe pieces with felt or fabric glue as shown.20914626_10214172426208309_6047752748709317323_nStitch over the tips of the beaks with yellow embroidery thread and glue down crowns cut from glitter fabric.20915164_10214172426448315_4890425071020849131_nFold ribbon over to make a loop and sandwich ribbon between the two globe pieces and cover with a slightly larger vinyl piece. Using matching thread and a running stitch stitch around the outside and through the ribbon to connect it. Cut away extra vinyl.20953339_10214172426808324_6684691134728395328_nFill with a pinch of Snow White and Crystal sequins and sew shut along the bottom.20954061_10214172427088331_7866460746443848562_nGlue base to front and allow to dry.  Tie small cut of ribbon to the base of the ribbon. (optional)

Phoenix Snow Globe Ornament

Cut one Phoenix, fire shape and center chest feathers from orange felt, one beak and one claw from yellow felt, one of each of the chest feathers and inner wings from coral felt. Two felt globe shapes from the pale blue, one base from glitter felt and two 4″ lengths of ribbon to hang.  5″ square of vinyl.


Lay felt phoenix out as shown and glue down feathers and wings. Glue the claw and beak into place. Accent fire shape with red embroidery thread in small free form shapes, this step is optional and truthfully you won’t really see it so it’s safe to skip it.

Place the felt phoenix above the flame and accent with a french knot for an eye. Add a few feathers along the face and chest with simple stitches and coordinating embroidery thread.  Place globe pieces together with ribbon hanger in the center. Stitch vinyl to cover, stuffing with a pinch of red and coral sequins. A little goes a long way you won’t need much. Stitch closed at the bottom and glue base into place the as shown in the steps for the swan ornament above.

Unicorn Snow Globe Ornament 

Cut one unicorn from white felt, one mane and one tail from plae blue felt. Two globe shapes from the purple, one base and horn from glitter felt and two 4″ lengths of ribbon to hang.  5″ square of vinyl.

20915186_10214172427848350_3771427656083751982_nGlue grass shape down onto one of the globe shapes place unicorn and accent with french knots for eye and spots. Glue horn into place. Place the tail and mane. Stitch a few lines in contrasting colors along them (optional) Stitch over the hooves with brown embroidery thread. Place globes together with ribbon in between, Place vinyl on top and sew down with a running stitch and matching thread. Fill with a pinch of flower shaped sequins and sew closed. Glue glitter base into place, tie a smaller cut of ribbon around the base of the hanger.




Happy Crafting~




Snow Globe Felt Ornaments

4 Dec

Felt snow globe Christmas ornament

Create some unbreakable snow globes for your tree this season.

“Snow” will settle into the base and disappear until ornament is shaken.

With the help of felt glue I whipped up all 3 of these in less than an hour.

Consider stitching the year on the base before attaching or throwing in some glitter for some added pizzazz.

They would also make really fun gift tags this year!

You will need:

 Felt remnants in:

Gold – Egg Yolk (star, 1 base, window)

Deep Red – Beet (1 base, door, snowman gloves)

Deep Blue – Wild Blueberry (Cabin Globe body, snowman scarf, 1 globe base)

Light Brown- Mud Puddle (Cabin)

Green- Fresh Cut Grass (Christmas Tree, Woods)

White (Snowman, snow base, cabin roof)

Muted Green – Cilantro (Christmas Tree)

Black (Snowman hat)

Orange – Persimmon (Snowman nose)

Pale Blue – Sparrow (Snowman Globe body)

Light Blue – Ice (Christmas Tree Globe body)

Free Felt Snow Globe Ornament Pattern - American Felt and Craft - The Blog

Felt Glue

Stuffing Beads (these can be a bit tricky to locate so I have listed a few bags on our store website)

Clear Vinyl  1/8 yard

Rick Rack or Ribbon for hanging

A sewing machine (although I suspect you could hand sew them)

Template (at bottom of post)


For each ornament you will need to cut 2 of the snow globe shapes.

1 snow piece and 1 snow globe base.

Attach a white snow piece to globe with felt glue and let dry for about 5 minutes

felt ornament tutorial

For Cabin globe glue down tree background first followed by brown cabin, snow roof and finally the window and door allow glue to dry.


Stack extra globe body behind decorated piece with ribbon or rick rack sandwiched  in between  and pin to hold.

Felt ornament how to

 Lay a square of vinyl slightly larger than your globe over top and sew down leaving bottom open. Don’t bother attempting to cut this to fit, a square shape will work just fine since it will be cut after it is sewn down.


Fill with desired amount of stuffing beads and sew bottom closed.

Clip away vinyl until it matches the shape of your snow globe.


Glue Snow globe base over vinyl at bottom and allow to dry.

For other globes:

Glue down snowman accessories and stack the Christmas tree pieces on on top the other.

Felt Snowman and Tree

Add details with embroidery thread using french knots and small stitches.

Glue tree base down onto snow, then tree and finally star allow to dry.


Glue snowman down and allow to dry.

Felt Ornament

Finish as shown above.

Snow Globe ornaments

Snow  will settle into base and disappear until ornament is shaken


Stop by the store:

American Felt and Craft

Happy Crafting- Andie

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