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Felt Friday – Bamboo Felt Edition

14 Feb

Bamboo felt is the softest felt available - American Felt and Craft

 Bamboo felt is made from bamboo rayon and a standard rayon blend making it the softest felt available. We just added a big selection of bamboo felt fabric available by the quarter yard to our online shop American Felt and Craft.

The fibers in bamboo felt capture color and reflect light in a way no other felt does so  grab a cup of coffee and join me on a walk through the bamboo felt forest won’t you…

Black Pearl Bamboo Felt Fabric

Black Pearl Bamboo Felt Fabric

First on our trek Black Pearl bamboo felt a light charcoal black with a velvety feel and  smooth drape.

Black Pearl - Bamboo Felt - ships worldwide.

While typical wool blend felt absorbs light bamboo rayon blend subtly reflects it for a truly unique finish.

Deep Orange Bamboo Felt

Up next Coral Reef a deep ruddy orange bamboo felt  just shy of terra cotta.

Coral Reef - a rusty orange bamboo felt

Right around the color we have a sweet bold lilac shade.

A vibrant purple - Island Orchid bamboo felt fabric  is available in fat quarter yards.

Island Orchid is a vibrant pale lavender bamboo felt with a satiny finish.

Island Orchid Bamboo felt fabric

The biggest difference in bamboo felt vs wool or wool blend felt is that bamboo felt  is much more plush , has a soft pearly sheen and a more delicate drape. It can be used the way you would any other felt.

lemon yellow bamboo felt fat quarters

Lemon yellow bamboo felt is vibrant, dynamic and drapes like a dream.

Lemon Yellow Bamboo felt - American Felt and Craft

Made from bamboo rayon fibers bamboo felt is a great vegan felt option for those with wool allergies.

Macaw Red Bamboo felt fabric - American Felt and Craft

Macaw Red Bamboo felt definitely has a coral pink sheen to it, a truly beautiful felt.

Macaw Red Bamboo Felt - Bamboo is super soft and drapes beautifully

The fibers in bamboo make for a kaleidoscope of felt colors that are particularly lush and vibrant!

Moon Shadow is a subtle grey bamboo felt

Moon shadow bamboo felt is a dusty off white with a pale gray undertone and a subtle sheen.

Moon Shadow Bamboo felt fabric American Felt and Craft

Like all felts bamboo felt won’t fray so every last scrap can be used.

Ocean Breeeze aqua bamboo felt sheets

My new favorite is this soft aqua bamboo felt fabric.

Ocean Breeze, a bright aqua bamboo felt fabric

Ocean Breeze is a vivid and silky bright blue felt.

papaya - a vibrant orange bamboo felt

Papaya  is a strong firey orange bamboo felt made from vegan fibers.

Bamboo felt handles and cuts beautifully - Papaya from American Felt and Craft

Bamboo felt has a soft and luxurious feel.

Pirate cove is a bright spring green bamboo felt fabric

Pirate Cove is a bright spring green bamboo felt fabric.

Pirates Cove - Green Bamboo felt

Bamboo felt is 100% natural and made from sustainable fibers.

Pina Colada is a true bright white bamboo felt fabric with a silky sheen and soft finish.

Next on our tour is Pina Colada a bright truely white bamboo felt.

Pina Colada White Bamboo felt sheets

Bamboo felt cuts and handles beautifully.

Sand Dollar a subtle beige bamboo felt fabric

Sand Dollar is a lovely pale beige neutral felt perfect for a variety of DIY craft projects.

Sand dollar beige bamboo felt sheets

Soft AND Strong bamboo felt is sure to last. is  Available by the quarter yard.

Seashell pink is a pale delicate pink bamboo felt with a lovely sheen.

And last but not least is Seashell Pink a delicate sugary pink bamboo felt.

Seashell Pink bamboo felt fabric from American Felt and Craft

Stop into our shop and check out our new bamboo felt friends.

Bamboo felt from American Felt and Craft Ships worldwide

Happy Crafting


All your felt questions answered* Part 2: What is bamboo felt?

23 Aug

All of your felt questions will be answered in our 5 part series*

What is bamboo felt?

*Provided you have less than 5 questions about wool felt fabrics and that they are the same questions I will be answering.

I get emails nearly everyday asking some basic questions about felt fabrics. I thought I would re-post the top 5. Of course if your question isn’t here email me at customerservice@feltandcraft.com and I’d be happy to help any way I can.  So here we go with…

Bamboo felt

Question 2: What is Bamboo felt?

The currently available bamboo felt is a felt fabric made from a blend of two rayons. One rayon is made from bamboo fibers, and one rayon is derived from other sources, most commonly wood pulp. These two rayons are  then combined through commercial needle felting to create what is refered to as bamboo felt.

What you want details? I swear I heard a yes, so here goes:

 Bamboo stalks contain fibers

Bamboo cellulose fiber before being processed into bamboo rayon.

These Bamboo fibers can be woven into a stiff and rough fabric, similar to linen or hemp fabrics.

Bamboo fabrics

Fabric made with bamboo not made into rayon.

If the bamboo fibers are first turned into a rayon the structure of the material being made changes.

bamboo felt rayon fibers

Regenerated cellulose bamboo fiber (AKA Bamboo Rayon)

All rayon fibers are then combined by machine usually by needle felting

Rayons are layered and put into a machine which uses needles to create felt.

You cannot actually “felt” or create a soft smooth fabric with bamboo fibers without first processing it into a rayon.

Bamboo rayon fabric

Finished Bamboo rayon felt

So it may help to know how rayon is made:

Rayon fabric is the product of any cellulose fiber like cotton, bamboo, or most commonly wood pulp, —usually from pine and spruce trees, which is processed to create a regenerated cellulose fiber (fancy phrase for turned into diffrent, softer, easier to work with material.)

So what are the benefits of a bamboo felt if it’s just a rayon felt?

*Starting with the fastest growing grass like bamboo rather than a slower growing tree fiber makes bamboo a more sustainable fiber to work with.

*Bamboo is great for the planet, it produces more oxygen and absorbs more carbon dioxide than trees, it also prevents soil erosion.

*Since bamboo has no real threats in terms of pest nearly all of the bamboo grown in the world is grown organically with no pesticides, fertlizers or herbicides used.  And all rayons are 100% biodegradable.

*Bamboo is made up of smooth rounded fibers which are very soft even on extremely sensitive skin. It has a buttery feel to and is very lightweight.

*Bamboo felt is a beautiful fabric to work with, it has the softness of a cashmere, and the sheen of a silk  it flows and drapes like silk and cashmere too! It’s no wonder that bamboo rayons are now showing up on fashion runways.

*Rayon fibers, bamboo rayons especially, carry dyes very well and so they can be used to create very vibrant felt colors.

*Bamboo is also hypoallergenic and highly absorbent.

What are the drawbacks of bamboo felt?

*Chemicals are used in the production of all rayons, although technology seems to be moving towards fewer chemicals and new techniques for creating regenerated cellulose fibers are in the works.

*Rayon fibers become very weak when wet and do have a tendency to shrink when washed. Bamboo felt will shrink and dry cleaning is recommended. Never machine wash an item made from rayon felt try to hand wash if possible.  I have not noticed a difference in the strength of bamboo felt versus other felts.

*Bamboo felt is a little on the pricey side but it is a new fabric to the market so I am sure the prices will go down.

What is bamboo felt good for?

Bamboo felt is great for any application where you might normally use a 100% wool felt. It’s higher price point means it’s usually used for special or important pieces like Christmas ornaments, gifts, keepsakes, stuffies, baby booties, etc.


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